The studio

Vizoom is working on the interface between architecture and graphics and specializing in the creation of architectural imagery based on CGI.

Through the years we´ve been creating images of unbuilt architecture of different scales for renown architects as well as for thriving young studios. Our knowledge acquired as competition architects creates a solid basis in this context.

The experience from the high number of realized sucessful projects enables us to provide a strong art direction for the imagery within an architectural project and to relieve our partners and clients in their working process.

Despite the high amount of projects we stayed small. Therefore we keep working on every individual project with the greatest dedication. We want to create, not to produce.

The main goal of our work is to reflect and emphasize the particular idea, characteristics and atmosphere of the respective architectural design. The fundamental aspect in this process is a harmonic interplay of light and colour within a strong composition, to which we attach greatest importance.
We see our work more as atmospheric illustration than a clean computer generated rendering: So dependent per project we balance between 3D and 2d to achieve this goal.

Art direction

Artur Bomerski
Architect / Member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects

After the high school graduation in Southern Germany Artur studied architecture at HAW Hamburg and HfbK Hamburg.
He worked several years as competition architect at Bothe Richter Teherani Hamburg, later on different projects for SML Architects Hamburg.

2008 he moved to Berlin, where he founded Vizoom-Berlin two years later. Together with Frank Müller he also continued working on common architectural projects, among them competitions in cooperation with AllesWirdGut Vienna or Jan Musikowski Berlin.
2017 he moved to Barcelona where he works interdisciplinary on the interface architecture-graphics.

Artur Adamczyk
Mgr. ing. of architecture

Artur studied architecture at the Technical University of Bialystok (PL).
After his diploma he worked as architectural freelancer, furniture designer and illustrator (winning the prestigious Eizo award with one of his graphics works).
In 2013 he joined Vizoom Berlin.
Working together on a variaty of projects he became one of the core persons in the team.